About Fox

The aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008 forced virtually all sources of business financing to tighten up leaving many small businesses without the working capital they needed to operate.

Seeing the need for alternative sources of business financing, Fox Business Funding opened for business in 2012. Since its founding, the team at Fox has assisted thousands of businesses procure the working capital they need.

Here at Fox, much effort is invested in our training to ensure that our team members operate swiftly and wisely to provide the best business financing options in a timely fashion.

The Fox Team

Joe Rapoport

Founder and President

Mitchell Rubin


Mendy Margolin


Steve Nelken

Vice President of Risk Management

Chana Rapoport

Vice President of Treasury

Jonathan Paucar


Allen Fisher

Senior Funding Advisor

Dave Sneiderman

Senior Funding Advisor

Mendy Hecht

Funding Advisor

Danny Guyton

Partner Relations

Eli Selwyn

Partner Relations

Alex Yosefi

Partner Relations

Esti Rapp


Daniel Cage

Funding Coordinator