Fox Business Funding is now funding.

As the pandemic begins to ease and as restrictions are being lifted, we have now started accepting new submissions using the following guidelines:

(These temporary guidelines are specifically applicable during this pandemic time.)

In addition, all merchants must meet the following criteria to be approved:

  1. Merchant is still open and operating during the pandemic
  2. Revenue has not decreased by more than 35% in March and April

The following industries have been temporarily restricted due to the ongoing crises going forward:

  • Travel related businesses
  • Restaurants (dine-in) in closed states

We are not putting any concrete limitations on industries or states as the situation is developing and changing each day. We only ask that common sense be used when sending in a submission as we will be more strict with our approvals on submissions from heavily restricted states and/or at risk industries.

The following documents are required for submissions:

  1. Application
  2. 5 Months of Bank Statements
  3. MTD
  4. A/R if applicable

Once setup, please send all deals to

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